Boston Asia Capital invests in People, Projects and Performance

We believe that great people make great things happen.

Our mission is to provide client organizations with a best-in-class approach that is flexible, comprehensive and responsive.
Our philosophy for creating value is to focus on Main Street returns rather than Wall Street returns. Our objective is to invest in sustainable opportunities that increase the velocity of money in the region in which we are investing. By doing so we ensure the success of our investments that will benefit the community for generations in a manner that benefits our firm, our partners and our limited partners.
This commitment to partnership begins even before we invest. In evaluating investment opportunities, the firm looks for partners who are dedicated to improving their fundamental strengths and have a true passion to do so. We view our role as facilitating the achievement of this vision for an opportunity, assisting and enabling our partners, principals and community stakeholders by helping to position strategies in light of our understanding of global and regional conditions.

Boston Asia Capital is an organization with a global Private Equity Group

BAC Private Equity Group

BAC Private Equity Group is based in Boston with a strategic focus on disruptive technology in the broad categories of Healthcare, Energy, and Food Supply. The firm also has interests in Information Technology and global Infrastructure solutions.

Our Partners

Impacting communities in order to benefit people for generations