BAC Private Equity Group

The firm targets investments in Infrastructure and Technology

Boston Investment Group (BIG), with a mission to invest in infrastructure development projects throughout the world, has organized multiple funds. Although most of them are multi-purpose funds, each one has a distinct strategic focus. Destiny Funds place a priority on urbanization and related infrastructure development projects.
Aylea Capital focuses primarily on Healthcare infrastructure investments. Other funds are organized to invest primarily in energy infrastructure.

Boston Technology Group (BTG) has a mission to secure, commercialize and scale strategic intellectual property in multiple markets around the world. Priority areas of interest to the firm include, but are not limited to, energy, healthcare, food and technology.

Existing assets in the portfolio include Intergenics, an organic and FDA approved pesticide treatment for food crops; Newton, a water filtration treatment technology for hydro power plants; Nilai Medical Resource, which supports our Medical City efforts; and Offshore Works, our operating entity for Flare Gas micro refineries.

Boston Asia Capital is a global organization based in the US

Boston Asia Capital provides asset-based equity project financing in strategic growth areas around the globe.

Boston Asia Capital has developed a successful, proprietary investment strategy based on understanding how global demographic, economic and industry drivers intersect to create the strongest wealth creation opportunities. We believe our strategy and global market understanding have put the firm in a position to take advantage of the next great global wealth-creation cycle.

At Boston Asia Capital we strive to connect eastern and western hemisphere business interests by bringing structured financing expertise to emerging growth markets. Our focus is in global markets that are at the stage of urbanization acceleration that leads to the greatest wealth creation opportunities. In these areas we invest in disruptive technologies that will create jobs and growth in the cities where we invest. Within these environments we target strategic verticals which include, but are not limited to, Energy, Healthcare and Technology.

Boston Asia Capital specializes in the monetization and development of strategic assets around the world

The firm is well-suited to work with client companies to develop optimal financing and construction plans for major projects in domestic and international environments.

Our engagement model is to enter into joint venture equity relationships designed to optimize underlying assets, provide financial flexibility and realize success in entrepreneurial opportunities.

In our preferred engagement model our side of the joint venture provides all capital requirements, complete operational and oversight capabilities, and a high rate of return to asset holders. Our joint venture partners provide the initial equity contribution.

Successful delivery of any major project requires great partners in every facet of the engagement. At Boston Asia Capital we take great pride in bringing a number of great partners with us into every project.