The strength of the firm comes from our people and our partners

 Boston Asia Capital believes that organizations are given birth by a vision, but they live, grow and succeed on the strength, character and abilities of its people. 

Mehamood Hosein, Group Managing Director and CEO

We believe in our people.
At Boston Asia Capital we have a dedicated team made up of diverse backgrounds coming from different continents, countries and cultures from around the world. We embrace these differences as we look for complementary strengths and the consistent values that make our organization stronger every day.

We believe in our partners.
At Boston Asia Capital we focus on our strengths, and rely on our partners so enhance our capabilities as we engage in endeavors globally. Many of our partners have been with us for decades, others are fairly new as we continue to grow in multiple regions. In every case, we will only work with partners who share our vision, character and commitment.

We believe in our future.
We are committed to building and maintaining an organization that can do much more than generate returns for our principals, partners and stakeholders. We want to make a long-term beneficial impact in communities around the world, and we believe that by working together we can make this future potential a reality.

The firm stays ahead of global market trends in order to optimize returns for our partners, principals and community stakeholders

Boston Asia Capital is known for consistently positioning companies well ahead of both global and industry-specific trends. The firm allocates considerable energy into maintaining a comprehensive understanding of global economic dynamics and industry trends in order to deliver optimal investment strategies.

The firm seeks to generate positive returns through committing resources into areas that truly make a difference in the communities where we invest.

Therefore, the firm limits its engagements to those areas where its capital resources, international contacts and industry expertise can have the greatest impact.

Boston Asia Capital is a global organization with operating units in
Asset Management, Insurance and Private Equity

BAC Asset Management

BAC Asset Management LLC is an asset management firm located in Boston, MA.

BAC Insurance Group

Global group with a primary focus on the reinsurance industry.

BAC Private Equity Group

BAC Private Equity Group is based in Boston with a strategic focus in disruptive technology in the broad categories of Healthcare, Energy and Food Supply. The firm also has interests in Information Technology and global Infrastructure solutions.

BAC Proprietary Trading

The firm has developed its proprietary trading platform over the last 20 years. The firm allocates its interests in energy, commodities and bonds, and will also enter into joint venture relationships with strategic client project efforts.

BAC Capital Markets

The firm’s Capital Markets organization is based in London and works with a wide range of financial partners in the United State, Europe Asia and the Middle East. Our team can assist clients by leveraging the full spectrum of options available in the global capital markets